Art for me is a kaleidoscope of the artist's deviant mind. 

The inspiration can come from a stimulus that pre-exists within the fences of normalcy.  The end result has to be eccentricity, nothing that exists outside. It's the defiance of art lessons.  

Art can be a hyperbolic expression of just one or a few elements of a 'whole picture' seen in the physical world. It can simply display how the metal brass reflects light. The metal itself can be absent from the end result. The mind's perception of light bouncing off of it has to become art. 

Much like a scientist, the artist has to be able to observe and utilize the quantum entities of each whole. 

This piece is 24 by 30 inches; float framed in chalk white painted wood. 

A poem written about this piece for my client. 

"संतरई रंग की पत्तियाँ सागर की लहरों में अचानक ठहरी हैं 
अपनी ख़ामोशी में , दूर फैली पनीली हलचल से भी गहरी हैं

सागर की उथलपुथल पर बेड़ियां डाले
गहनों की ये लड़ियां ,
ज्यूँ किसी ऑगन के अंधेरे को ढांपतीं
छोर से छोर तक बंधी बिजली की झड़ियां  

इनका नारंगी शांत ठहराव इतना हसीन है
जैसे सागर तल में अरसे से ,
दुल्हन के श्रंगार में मौन बैठी ज़मीन है"


(English translation)
The caravan of tangerine leaves has suddenly stopped in the middle of the ocean. 
Their abrupt silence is deeper than the vast blue waters. 

They have chained the violence of the waves with their delicate charm. 
Like the infinite strands of lights stretching across a courtyard mollifying the savagery of darkness. 

This serene conference of orange leaves amidst the wrathful waves is so lovely. This peace resembles the imperturbable equanimity of the ocean floor, in its bridal beauty, silently waiting.

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