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These lines on paper and canvas were conceived while lying under a canopy of branches. The trees leaned over me eerily. 


I lay there still, in great trepidation yet in an ecstatic trance.


ये चांद से ऊँचे दरख़्त मेरे चेहरे पे यूं झुके हैं,

जैसे मौका-ए-वारदात पर भीड़ जमा हो,

आने वाले पलों के डर से सब कुछ थमा हो,

हर शाख, हर पत्ता मुझे मृत समझ उठाने चला हो...

In the words of my client - 

Lyrics from the 'Weepies, all this beauty'

'All this beauty
You might have to close your eyes
And slowly open wide
All this beauty, we travelled all night 
We drank the ocean dry
And watched the sun rise'

"My beautiful and talented friend painted this from her heart for our home. We are deeply honored. A wise man once said " A fine work of art has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place". When I walked into our family room today, I was taken aback by the beauty of the sunlight that shone and reflected thru this painting. Made me think of my happy place , near the ocean watching the sun rise on this big beautiful earth. Thank you Poppy Charnalia for bringing this joy in our home."

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