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I am often asked "What was your inspiration?"


This piece was birthed from an image that appeared in my mind during a meditational trance at 5 am in the morning. 


It appeared as a 'fall'. A free white fall. Some impressions of warm peach, fresh pine and acidic greens.


I painted and we left for vacation. We came back and I was so eager to put the finishing touches, I painted with suitcases sitting by my side waiting to be unpacked. 


The colors are reflective of my mood, pure joy. Joy of being with my family. Each member amplifying the ecstasy in a unique way. 


Joy of creativity. Joy of living amongst colors and shapes in the residing space I created for my family. Joy of beauty and harmony. Joy of painting, writing and singing amongst tall trees. Joy of sometimes suddenly waking up to fiery white moonlight flooding my bedroom at 3 am. What wakes you up defines that night, not the time. 


The colors in this work are the mildest I have ever used in any of my sculptured art. A pearl white dominates. It was formulated with 4 textured colors. When you think it's all white, it really isn't. 


My work is usually fierce, this one is intense in its tenderness. I was able to walk away from it, without using dusky shades. I am satisfied with its childlike maturity. I am discovering a new facet of myself. 


The greens and blues have depth of color. The curvaceous lines dominate. They reach out like roots of an aged tree, willing to tread far to earn water. 


The peach, pink and orange hues coalesce into a warm mass on the other side. The leaf pattern defines this warm color synthesis. 


I created this contrast of linear coloring versus blended coloring from left to right. 


The painting goes from calm, cool, settled colors to childlike exuberance. It's reverse maturation. It's truly the only maturation. Going from complexity to simplicity.....

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