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लौ बुझाने को धूल भी आज़मा लो
पानी में तो चिराग़ हमने बेशुमार जला रखे हैं....

I ran on the minuteman trail. Then I wandered off into the forest. There was a little grayish-blue pond with burnt fall leaves and petals akin to floating lamps on water. Reminded me of the time we lived in Banaras 35 years ago. Diyas used to float on water during Ganga Aarti at the Dashashmev Ghaat. Fire burning on water. Now that’s life!! 

I tried to create the sounds of water with color. 
The assimilation of sounds and sights are both in the mind even though they are absorbed via different sense organs. पानी की कल-कल आँखों में खनक जाये....

Piece is 85 by 34 inches, float framed.

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